Ooh! I haven’t been able to get my hands on ramps yet, but I’ve got some delicious garlic scapes in the fridge right now. Ramp pesto sounds fab right now.

I, of course, came out sounding like an ass, when I didn't mean to at all. I apologize. I'm glad I came back here to look, I never do. How funny, and then I look and my verification word is aging, what's up with that-ha!!!!

Bonjour,j’ai une question:si on est un adulte sans enfants et qu’on veut aller au cours du mardi à Genety, c’est possible?et si oui, combien ça coûte à l’année  pour un adulte seul?merci pour votre réponseCordialement

Hahahaa, já vi que vc tem várias com as estampas que eu mais curti. Adorei e gostei, é isso aí, o povo pede, o povo manda!(e o post está ótimo, estou me encorajando) Bjks

Siden du jo vet alt; hvorfor setter ikke du deg ned å lager en såkalt fremdriftsplan for norsk landbruk for all fremtid? Du vet jo likevel best, eller er du bare en arrogant, nedlatende, snørrhoven, eplekjekk, bedrevitende, blærete og arrogant snørrunge som kritiserer alt du av ideologiske grunner er uenig med?Legg en plan på bordet for norsk landbruk eller avstå fra å komme med oppgulpet ditt.MvhF

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o jonatas seu coputador é ferra roda qualquer jogo pod comfiar ta. nao eis como o mateus babacao do caralho bota uma porra de configuracao que nem existe

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The damage happened AFTER the turnover, not before.I’ve never heard that. Guess I just heard what the NYTs wrote.It really doesn’t matter to people like Lib1 though. If you have two nations, one rich and one poor, the reason the poor nation is poor is because the rich nation take advantage of it. Same thing here in the States. If you have a rich person and a poor person, the reason the poor person is poor is because the rich person took advantage of them.Reply